Frederick Michel Verdier: IJGlobal Business Excellence Awards


Frederick Michel Verdier on the Benefits of Attending Business Excellence Awards

Welcome to the Frederick Michel Verdier blog. On 21st of November 2019, Frederick Michel Verdier attended the IJGlobal  Awards 2019 were organisations across the international infrastructure and energy sectors celebrate the best-in-class transactions. Frederick Michel Verdier, a Funds veteran specializing in infrastructure equity investments and asset management, explains how entering awards can bring you closer to achieving your business goals. So, read on to discover very good reasons why the search for silverware can make a business truly shine.


As a business owner, solopreneurs, consultants etc it’s so very easy to spend endless days tapping behind your laptop and it’s always tempting to get sucked into the virtual vortex and forget that there are actual real life humans out there. Live events are an opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people, swap stories, share tips and advice and build powerful and influential relationships.


There’s nothing quite like the vibe you get when in a room full of talented people. Every live event I have attended so far have all had a big slice of high energy magic in the air. Add to that the impeccable speaker line up and this one is going to be off the chart.

Secure investment

Make it to the glitzy awards ceremony and your company will appear on the radar of larger business owners and investors – influencers who will be alive to new investment opportunities.
“Winning an award will demonstrate how your business stands out from the crowd in front of these important people, and could easily be your ticket to securing the cash you need to expand operations or to get a new idea off the ground,” says Frederick Michel Verdier.

Raise credibility

Putting yourself forward for an award will help to plot this progress against the competition. Being named a finalist takes it one step further, officially recognising the positive work your business is doing. 

Drive exposure

Awards ceremonies put your name in the spotlight, giving you a pedestal to shout about who you are and the exciting things you do.

Attract talent

If you are in the mix for an award, your firm’s reputation in the eyes of stakeholders will grow. 


Attending awards night like IJInvestor Awards is an occasion to let your hair down and celebrate all your hard work and achievements, so take full advantage of a huge morale boost that will brighten your brand for many months to come. Learn more about the work of Frederic Michel-Verdier here. Alternatively, you can also read Frederic Michel-Verdier's news here.

You can also watch Frederic Michel Verdier video here

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