Frederic Michel-Verdier: How to avoid utility disruption


Frederic Michel-Verdier shares tips to avoid utility disruption

Welcome to the Frederic Michel-Verdier blog. Frederic Michel-Verdier is an infrastructure veteran. Today, Frederic Michel-Verdier gives us some great examples of work they’re doing to avoid strikes, and these are some of his helpful tips:

Put the power in their hands

Give the guys on the ground leadership roles in looking at how to avoid strikes. Listen and act on their issues and ideas. They are the ones in the hot seat and can make a big difference.

Don’t throw technical solutions at people problems 
Frederic Michel-Verdier

Most service strikes tend to be caused by behavioral rather than technical issues. Behaviors are harder to change, but that’s where we need to focus our efforts.

Make sure drawings are updated

Tie permits drawing updates – if a service has been found, then don’t issue a permit to work until the drawing has been updated.

Measure misses, not just strikes

Keep track of the services you miss, as well as the ones you hit. It’s a good way of showing your investment in avoiding strikes is making a difference.

Make training practical

Train your people in the field, use role-play and use real examples of service strikes.

Create a zero-tolerance culture

Don’t let people think it’s ‘normal’ to hit a couple of minor services when they’re digging. The only acceptable number of strikes is zero.

Give teams the information they need

It’s not just important to have the right level of advance information and surveys, but also to present it in a way that is easy to understand. Using tablets on-site can enable teams to switch off layers of information so they can ‘see’ the services clearly.

If you have any other tips for avoiding service strikes, please share them in the comments below.

Frederic Michel-Verdier has been instrumental in developing the IFM London office through his strategic relationships and partnerships for the long-term benefit of the investors and their members and has played a key role in a number of the most successful infrastructure investments including the acquisitions of Veolia Poland, FCC Aqualia, Mersin International Port and Deep Container Terminal Gdansk. Learn more about the work of Frederic Michel-Verdier here. Check out Frederic Michel-Verdier's tips on the Pros and Cons of Infrastructure Investing here. Alternatively, you can also read Frederic Michel-Verdier's news here.

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