Post-Brexit UK Is Ready for Infrastructure Investment


Welcome to the Frederic Michel Verdier blog. Frederic Michel Verdier is a Funds veteran specializing in infrastructure equity investments and asset management. Brexit uncertainty has had a massively negative effect on investments in the UK. With such historic changes ahead, investors were not keen on making big decisions, which has slowed down the country’s economy. Productivity levels have been dropping for years now, with millions of Brits wondering what would happen should the UK leave the European Union. The beginning of 2020 under Boris Johnson’s leadership has brought the answer to that question and it is looking more and more promising.

Post-Brexit UK announces a dire need for investments in infrastructure. These are meant to be the element that makes the country’s economy bounce back to its former self. In fact, conditions are better than ever before for investing in infrastructure – interest rates are at an unprecedented low and Prime Minister Johnson has just given the green light for a massive project, the High Speed 2 rail link, and has expressed his support for similar upcoming projects.

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A Great Time to Invest in British Infrastructure

The National Audit Office has announced interest rates at 0.75 percent, which points out to 2020 being a stellar time to make investments. This, along with other measures, has been implemented to facilitate and support upcoming investments because these, in turn, will strengthen the country’s economy. The HS2 project alone, for instance, is set to generate over 500,000 new employment opportunities. Considering that this is only one of the infrastructure projects starting in the UK in the years to come, this could actually bring about a full-on economic boom. This is what the Government hopes for, which means that these projects will be supported every step of the way.

Government Support Means Business Success

Taking these aspects into consideration, it is an excellent time to start your very own investment project in infrastructure because it has higher chances than ever to be successful and bring in profit. With the help of an expert in infrastructure investment, like Mr. Frederic Michel-Verdier, putting together a transportation project will be simple and extremely efficient. His expertise can be a great asset for making your project stand out. Moreover, your profit will be a truly patriotic act because the success of the country’s infrastructure will also make the British economy thrive.

HS2 Signals the Beginning of Infrastructure Success

The High Speed 2 project aims to connect London to the Midlands, and to northern England. The costs of this project, which are announced to be more than £100 billion, have made it the topic of numerous debates. However, it promises to offer enormous returns as well, starting from the 500,000 jobs it is going to create in the UK.

Boris Johnson himself used to be an HS2 skeptic, but this project enables him to keep his promises to rebalance the economy outside of London and the south of the country and aim it to the north, for a change. As expected, this exposes the Prime Minister to even greater comment, but the facts are simple – the HS2 has a green light and it will bring about an economic boom to the UK.

This also creates a great opportunity for investing in HS2-related projects, which are going to flourish in the months and years to come. A project of this amplitude will create numerous satellite business projects and, with the Government’s announced support, it is an ideal time to invest. Even the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has made it clear – borrowing money that will be used in infrastructure investment is “appropriate to boost the economy”.

As you can see, post-Brexit UK is a wonderland for infrastructure investment, so those aiming to turn a profit in 2020 are advised to start a business in this field. With upcoming projects like the gargantuan HS2, the future of the UK is looking bright.

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