Frederic Michel-Verdier: Can we reach zero waste & carbon by 2025?


 Frederic Michel-Verdier shares about zero waste and carbon by 2025

frederic michel-verdierWelcome to the Frederic Michel-Verdier blog. Frederic Michel-Verdier is an infrastructure veteran. In today's blog, Frederic Michel-Verdier shares about zero waste and carbon by 2025. Let's get started!

Construction and property development firm pledges to be zero waste and zero carbon within five years. Some of the actions it intends to take include switching to an all-electric commercial vehicle fleet, eliminating single-use plastic from its operations and supply chain, investing in sustainable building techniques and planting 5,000 trees annually.  In 2020, the focus will be on promoting the new policies – raising awareness – and collecting data to set benchmarks. Suppliers are also expected to step up their game, although no commitments.

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